Saturday, March 22

Tablet PC Applications

 This is a list of software applications which are designed to work on a Tablet PC, or work well with Pen-based navigation. Some applications are freeware/shareware while others will have costs associated with them. Typically, most applications will have a trial download allowing you to test the application before you decide to purchase. This is by no means a comprehensive list of what is available as a commercial application or in the open source community. It is intended as a starting point.

Saturday, March 15

Preservative Method of sending a Secret Message

Many a times we need to share our passwords or other types of secrets with your friends, colleagues or other people. If you E-mail the information to them, then this gets stores in their memory. In future anybody can see that information and misuse them. For the sake of this many websites are giving you the facility to destroy to the message after a particular interval of time.

50 Content Marketing Predictions for 2014

                     CONTENT MARKETING WORLD 2014 

Saturday, March 8

Motorola MOTO-X Review

With the superb sale of MOTO-G in India, Motorola can launch MOTO_X FlagShip very soon. This phone has many interesting and latest features.

Friday, March 7

Stylistic ST5000 Series Tablet PC

The Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC, the latest evolution in Tablet PC technology, delivers an unsurpassed level of productivity and performance. This innovative system, based on over a decade of design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise, improves your business productivity with proven quality and reliability from the
undisputed leader in pen computing.

Friday, February 28

Smartphone owners care more about operating systems than handsets

New research shows that consumers' loyalty lies with either Android or iOS and their apps ecosystem and not with the manufacturer that built their current phone.

According to insights and analysis firm Kantar Worldpanel, when it comes to upgrading or trading in, only 41% of today's smartphone owners chose to remain loyal to the same smartphone brand. However, 68% decide to stick with the same operating system.

The news will mean absolutely nothing to Apple of course, as customers who stay loyal to its iOS operating system have no choice but to also remain loyal to the iPhone.

Monday, February 24


If you want to watch an add-free movie in your free time, then you can search for them on YouTube. However you may face various types of difficulties in searching them, because you don’t know whether the movie is add-free and full length movie or not.

Sunday, February 23

Smart TV

Many brands are offering Smart TV technologies with their latest models. See our in-depth test results before you decide whether you need a smart television.

Sunday, February 16

Save Google Data Online

Do you use Gmail, Youtube, Blogger or Picasa? Do you want to save all your date offline as a archive?
This is easily possible now. Google has added services like Gmail, Youtube Blogger, etc. into its 'takeout' services. Google has offered this service of 'takeout', because they want that subscribers can get the access to save their data to offline mode and can access it.