Saturday, November 22

WhatsApp releases a new user-friendly feature.

A very commonly used and most popular Application in Messaging Category in Whatsapp. Recently in few weeks whatsapp have give many new updates in its recent release. Well many of you would be liking these features and many of may be annoyed with some features.
New Whatsapp Version

Monday, November 17

Google Messanger

On the Google Playstore there are too many messaging application and even you might be familiar with many of them such as most popular one Whatsapp, Hike, Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and many more. To compete all these application recently Google has also launched his all new Messaging application "Messenger" .


Wednesday, November 12

10 ways to shop safely on the net

With online fraud becoming more common, here’s how to ensure that safety comes first when e-buying.

Monday, November 10

Jodhpur Atals -- Online Jodhpur Business Directory

Jodhpur Atlas a part of Atlas Group Project. It is a business listing website project launched by Tech Junction for Rajathan's second largest City Jodhpur also known as Suncity which is extended in a large area of near about 40 kilometers radius having various business and industrial activities.

Sunday, November 9


Mahindra Satyam on 15 January 2013 signed an agreement with the Japanese firm TechMatrix
Corporation  digging  at business  opportunities  in  the  healthcare market  in  the  Association  of
South­East Asian Nations region.
As per the pact Hyderabad Based firm Mahindra Satyam would also look at selling cloud­based
healthcare  solutions. Moreover,  ICHIGO  LLC,  the  subsidiary  arm  of  TechMatrix  is  suppose  to
provide its Teleradiology network infrastructure product line and NOBORI, its cloud service for
medical and healthcare information.
Mahindra Satyam  is  going  to  host  the  cloud  and  mobile­based  services  in  Singapore  and
Malaysia, while providing direct sales and IT services to clients throughout throughout ASEAN
(Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region. Both the Company is set to invest in sales and
marketing resources as well as software and hardware requirements. It is evident that already
the company Mahindra Satyam had installed Ichigo Teleradiology iComServer in its Singapore
data centre and launched activities to support initial installations.
Also,  as  a  second  step  in  2013,  Mahindra Satyam  and  TechMatrix  would  jointly launch  the
Nobori  Cloud  healthcare  services,  including  Picture  Archiving  and  Communications System
(PACS),  a  vendor­neutral  solution  for medical  image storage, management  and  retrieval. The
major purpose of tie up between  the  two companies is to focus on delivering state­of­the­art
healthcare  solutions to public  and private  hospitals  and  image scanning  centres,  which  is
directly aimed at reducing healthcare costs while improving the quality of services.

Wednesday, October 1

Microsoft Windows 10 Reviled

Finally today in a live webinar event in San Francisco C.E.O of Microsoft Mr. Satya Nadella revied about the next update version of Microsoft Windows that is Windows 10. Microsoft declared the name of Next version of windows as #Windows 10 instead of #Windows 9.

Sunday, September 28

How to transfer website from one Host to another.

Do you want to change your web hosting and you are not able to that just because your new hosting provider is charging you to do this. Here we have the list of simple for your website transfer from done service provider to another.

For Website transfer you will be needing a software also named as FileZilla, it availabe for both Linux and Windows. Click Here to download FileZilla. and a ftp account from both the service provider.

Thursday, July 10

Motorola Moto X+1

We have seen details surrounding Motorola’s next-generation flagship smartphone leak a number of times thus far. Motorola’s next-generation flagship phone will be an iterative update that doesn’t quite compare to other current flagship Android phones — at least not on paper.

If this leak is accurate — and it likely is — the X+1 will be another mid-range offering from Motorola that focuses on affordability rather than cutting-edge specs.
Motorola Moto X+1

The Motorola Moto X+1 price in India will be approximately Rs.40,000

Wednesday, July 9

How to Effectively Manage Data Using a Powerful PDF Converter

In the past couple of years people have created more data than has been compiled in the past centuries. The Internet is enabling us to receive and work with information faster than ever before and without much hassle, but it seems like that is not enough. Business professionals are always interested in new ways to boost their productivity and complete certain tasks even more quickly, so that they can have more time for other things that can’t be rushed or automated, such as brainstorming new business ideas, planning out new business strategies and ventures, etc.

Friday, June 27

How To Choose Software To Manage Your Business

"Don’t Let A Major Decision Become A Major Headache"

How To Determine The "Right" Software For Your Business

 "Right" Software For Your Business

The right accounting software can be invaluable to your business. But how do you determine
what the "right" software is? How do you choose the program that will best meet your needs
and help your business run smoothly? Ask yourself the following questions: