Sunday, July 13

Price of 16 GB Memory Card in India

Price of 16 GB Memory Card in India

Storage is becoming an essential aspect today and the main arena where people need memory cards are smartphones and tablets. There are numerous companies that offer their devices for a certain price with an internal storage capacity but the expandable microSD cards have to be purchased separately.

Thursday, July 10

Motorola Moto X+1

We have seen details surrounding Motorola’s next-generation flagship smartphone leak a number of times thus far. Motorola’s next-generation flagship phone will be an iterative update that doesn’t quite compare to other current flagship Android phones — at least not on paper.

If this leak is accurate — and it likely is — the X+1 will be another mid-range offering from Motorola that focuses on affordability rather than cutting-edge specs.
Motorola Moto X+1

The Motorola Moto X+1 price in India will be approximately Rs.40,000

Wednesday, July 9

How to Effectively Manage Data Using a Powerful PDF Converter

In the past couple of years people have created more data than has been compiled in the past centuries. The Internet is enabling us to receive and work with information faster than ever before and without much hassle, but it seems like that is not enough. Business professionals are always interested in new ways to boost their productivity and complete certain tasks even more quickly, so that they can have more time for other things that can’t be rushed or automated, such as brainstorming new business ideas, planning out new business strategies and ventures, etc.

Friday, June 27

How To Choose Software To Manage Your Business

"Don’t Let A Major Decision Become A Major Headache"

How To Determine The "Right" Software For Your Business

 "Right" Software For Your Business

The right accounting software can be invaluable to your business. But how do you determine
what the "right" software is? How do you choose the program that will best meet your needs
and help your business run smoothly? Ask yourself the following questions:

Sunday, May 25

IPSWDownloader - iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV Firmware Download


IPSW Downloader is an easy to use application that allows you to download all the latest and older ipsw files required for jail-breaking. It is a simple desktop application that can be installed on your computer . Every time you want to download an ipsw file , you don't have to Google for the right link . IPSW Downloader will find the direct download links for your idevice [iphone ipod touch ipad apple tv] and download it for you . 
Its pretty much like any other download manager , but exclusively designed to download iOS firmware files only . It will automatically download the list of all iOS firmware files listed according to devices . It also shows information about the firmware , like if it is jail breakable and unlockable. A must have for all jailbreakers . IPSW Downloader app developed by Vitaly Parovishnik makes

Feature :

1. Added information about Jailbreak and Unlock
2. When downloading shows download speed
3. The device list is loaded from the server
4. Added check for updates
5. Added Growl
6. Added Russian localization
7. Updated interface
8. Minor fixes


The good thing however is that ipswDownloader offers support for most of the devices wearing an Apple logo, be they iPhones, iPods, Apple TVs or iPads.

The one-window program GUI allows users to choose the device they have and pick a firmware version to download, while also providing valuable information on this file. For iPhones for instance, it shows the baseband associated to each firmware, but also jailbreak and unlock utilities that can be used for the chosen version of firmware.
The main interface displays additional information about the selected firmware. This includes its total file size, which jailbreak tool is available to jailbreak it and whether it is possible to unlock it. The tools that are mentioned are not linked, which means that users who want to jailbreak their Apple device need to find the program on their own to do so. The device firmwares are large files, usually between 200 and 700 Megabytes in size.



This is a must-have application for all of our readers that are new to the jailbreak/unlock scene, and also for those of you that consider yourself iPhone experts. For upgrading to the newest jailbreak, this is definitely a nice utility to have at your fingertips.
All things considered, ipswDownloader does its job very well and supports all Apple devices, including iPads, iPhones, iPods and Apple TVs. It all comes down to a few clicks and with the help of a fast Internet connection, you can quickly get a firmware update right on your desktop.

Saturday, March 22

Tablet PC Applications

 This is a list of software applications which are designed to work on a Tablet PC, or work well with Pen-based navigation. Some applications are freeware/shareware while others will have costs associated with them. Typically, most applications will have a trial download allowing you to test the application before you decide to purchase. This is by no means a comprehensive list of what is available as a commercial application or in the open source community. It is intended as a starting point.

Saturday, March 15

Preservative Method of sending a Secret Message

Many a times we need to share our passwords or other types of secrets with your friends, colleagues or other people. If you E-mail the information to them, then this gets stores in their memory. In future anybody can see that information and misuse them. For the sake of this many websites are giving you the facility to destroy to the message after a particular interval of time.

50 Content Marketing Predictions for 2014

                     CONTENT MARKETING WORLD 2014 

Saturday, March 8

Motorola MOTO-X Review

With the superb sale of MOTO-G in India, Motorola can launch MOTO_X FlagShip very soon. This phone has many interesting and latest features.

Friday, March 7

Stylistic ST5000 Series Tablet PC

The Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC, the latest evolution in Tablet PC technology, delivers an unsurpassed level of productivity and performance. This innovative system, based on over a decade of design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise, improves your business productivity with proven quality and reliability from the
undisputed leader in pen computing.